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10k Participants Running at a Sponsored Event
Blue Lines


Marathon Runners Running a 5k Race

Athlete - Artist - Advocate  

You have no doubt spent some time thinking about what to name your event. What relays your mission, yet sounds fun and engaging? After helping so many clients answer that question throughout my graphic design career, I found myself in the same position when naming 432Boone. The “we” in 432Boone is me and my dog, Boone. He has run with me his entire life, and I can say with complete confidence that there is nothing that excites him more than a race. He is a rocket explosion of energy at the starting line. The name 432Boone reflects the idea that a strong brand identity will evoke that same energy and excitement in your event participants. As someone who has run hundreds of events and race-directed dozens of them, I know what gets a runner’s pulse racing, and where to place the focus to maximize results.

My name is Jerry Steward, and I have been creating work to promote sporting events since 2009. Experiences gained from events like yours are what enrich lives. Let my experience help your brand reach new heights. 

Graphic Designer & Event Branding Specialist Jerry Steward
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